Japan's New Style Noodles : Tsurutontan

Japan has such an array of noodle bars it would be difficult to pick the best. Traditional ramen, udon and soba outlets abound and everyone has their favourites.
But if you want something a bit different and with some designer presence you can't do better than a trip to Tsurutontan. Another of Japan's 'specialist chains' it combines great taste, with fantastic presentation.
In addition to the 'normal' flavours they have some of their own inspirations. On this visit I had udon carbonara which is pretty much carbonara with the udon substituting spaghetti and the creamy sauce instead being of a more drinkable consistency. Absolutely fabulous.
Everything is served in oversized bowls for a bit of theatre and the photos here do not show emphasise the bowl size which is something like 30cm across. Imagine lunch arriving in something the size of a small designer washbasin and you'll be pretty close to the mark.