Lunch at Eboshi えぼし in Chigasaki 茅ヶ崎

Trust me it's good, my friend Ashihara wrote. I duly did as requested as both the eboshi  web site and photographed building looked distinctly average. But when we got there at 11.45am there was already a queue for lunch. We parked our car around the back, where 5 eboshi refrigerated vans were taking a late morning nap and went inside.

Good that Ashi was there to order, as the menu, if you can call it that, was scribbled on about 25 separate pieces of A5 paper. Perhaps they're sponsored by a paper-mill. But the food, when it arrived, was great. Even in Japan, you're not going to get fish much fresher than this. Shell fish were a particular revelation, so sweet. And even better was the price; just 3500 yen (~£20) for a generous lunch with draught beer.