The DonQuijote Phenomenon

I mentioned previously the Japanese phenomenon that is DonQuijote, a discount store stocking the most bizzare sets of items under one small roof. But I fear my description of "two tomatoes, a pair of jeans, some obscure imported liqueur and a suitcase" did them a dis-service understating their ambitions. It turns out that at one of their main stores they decided to include ....  yes you're way ahead of me .... of course it had to be ..... a half pipe roller-coaster on the top or building. I'll give you verbatim the wikipedia paragraph:
"In 2005, Don Quijote began building a 'half-pipe' roller coaster on the roof of its eight story Roppongi store. Roppongi is a heavily populated area in the core of Tokyo, and many residents and businesses were upset with the idea of having a roller coaster in their neighborhood because of the spectacle, noise and crowds it will likely create. The project was completed in 2006 but due to increasing pressure from concerned groups in the area it has never been operated. As of 2010, the structure still exists. Don Quijote has not announced what future plans they have for it".